35 Years Of Experience


Born in Saskatoon in 1984, Brooklyn Fink is an interdisciplinary studio artist with roots in drawing and painting. Her postconceptualist practice appropriates the visual languages of heraldry (shields), vexillology (flags), graffiti (drawing on the walls), and art history (standing on the shoulders of giants), as means to elevate the discourse around such enduring issues as {philosophy, science, morality, sexuality, gender, rhetoric, tradition, and (dis)ability}.

Who we are


Having graduated with her BFA from the University of Calgary in 2010, Brooklyn studied under such artists as {Eric Cameron, Kim Huynh, Jean-René Leblanc, Bill Laing, Ron Kostyniuk, and the late John Stocking}. Her research in art school was focused on interactive digital technologies and computer-numeric-controlled sculpture, but in the end, her thesis was six paintings.

In 2014, having grown disillusioned with the incoherences within contemporary art discourse, Brooklyn went in search of, what she was calling then, “a philology of visual language,” and discovered it readymade for her in the ancient practice of heraldry. Heraldry liberates the contemporary visual artist from the vagaries of conceptualist semiology by reacquainting the artist and the viewer with the “heraldic dictionary.” The artist need not be in attendance, neither a didactic be hanging on the wall, for the viewer to understand an heraldic work; for if the viewer does not know what “a saltire raguly Gules” or “a thistle slipped and leaved proper” are, he can just look them up in the dictionary.

Portrait of a Boer Refugee
Still-life with Human Skull, Mantilla, Rosary, Lamp, Glassware, Stoneware, and Flora

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